Social Media

Simply put, social media marketing has changed the way businesses market themselves online.  A solid social media campaign can help your business tremendously.  It seems as though just about everyone participates in a social media in some way or another (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.).  Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider becoming involved:

1)      Everyone is using it.   Facebook has over 500 million members, with over half of them logging in daily!  This is where people like to spend their time, and it is easy for you to put your business information in front of them.

2)      Social Media Campaigns have Proven to be VERY Successful.  President Obama’s social media campaign was a central component to his popular campaign.  He even continues to use it as a way to communicate with the American public.

3)      Social Media is seen as a credible source.  Social media is one of the top sources of news and important updates.  People view it as a place they can trust.

4)      Social Media is FAST.  Want to post something about a special your business is running?  Just throw a few sentences together and get it out there.  You don’t need an ultra-polished campaign, much social media is just text, believe it or not.  And it still works!

5)      Social Media allows you to build upon your strengths.  When your customers start posting positive reviews on your social media account, the benefits are tremendous.  Nothing helps potential customers gain confidence in a business than seeing that they have hundreds of happy fans.

Social media marketing is an incredible marketing tool, we would be happy to sit down and talk to you in more detail about how it can help you more specifically.